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The great holiday is fast approaching. Be prepared with gifts and such my followers. The day is coming.

It would also seem there is someone among us who has not been enlightened by the goddesslyness of Steph . . . Silly him/her.
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What's March 17th?? Is it your birthday or something?
Yup, it's my birhtday. =)
Ok. I'll try not to forget. hehe.
What do ya want? I have so idea's but more would help!
Surprise me. I love it when you surprise me! =) By the way, on the 19th there is going to be a little get together at my home, and of course, it wouldn't be a party with ou t you. ;p
Oh I will so be there!!!
Yay! *does the Heather is going to be there dance*
What are we going to be doing at you little party anyway? He he!
Let's see . . . There'll be some beverage, if you follow me ~.^, and movies perhaps, oh and who knows what else. =p
So so in Am I