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Contest results!

Actual Answers-

The Steph J. Nelson test:
How much do you really know?

Multiple choice:

1. Which of the following is one of Steph's favorite ice cream flavors:
B. Mint Chip

2. What is Steph's favorite thing to scream at soccer games?


3. Steph's favorite holiday is . . . ? (aha! Two possible answers!)
A. Christmas
C. Halloween

4. Steph's favorite male body part is (not necessarily exclusive to males either)?
B. Hands

5. Steph's favorite sport to play is?
C. Croquet

Fill in the blank. Here's your chance to get really creative folks.

1. On dark nights, all alone in her room, Steph likes to . . . ? Sleep
2. Steph enjoys bathing this male? Legolas
3. He is her commercial dream hunk? (If you don't know his real name or his name in the commercial just put what the commercial is advertising. The product or the product name). The dude in the DVD commercial, you know, the really attractive Spanish guy that hugs the girls dad!
4. What will Steph be doing at midnight on December 16th/17th? Watching The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
5. What is Steph's favorite song from 'Chicago?' All that Jazz
6. Who is Steph's idol? Barbra Striesand
7. What does Steph want to do for a living, besides be a mooching bum? Make beautiful Films
8. Steph's all time favorite TV show is? Spin City, don't get me wrong folks, I loved Witchblade, but Spin City is the fave
9. Steph would like to be humped by the following males (fictional and real)? Orlando Bloom, Hotohori, Captain Jack, The DVD commercial guy , Legolas, and Brandon Boyd
10. Steph likes to eat? Tacos!
11. What is Steph's favorite German song? (hint: "Oh! Plan B!") Rock Me Amadeus
12. What is Steph's favorite sweet? Chehalis Mints
13. What is Steph afraid of? Losing the people she loves and germs
14. What could Steph do for hours? Draw
15. Steph once dreamed about brutally killing this animal? A rooster

Essay question time. Here's the chance for you to be really silly and uber creative.

1. What is the meaning of Orange Juice? What effect does it have on ones body? Basically I'm looking for this point: Makes you horny.
2. Why is (in Steph's mind) Éowyn not a 'sell-out' and a more important character than Arwen? Because she only had a silly school girl crush on Aragorn. She didn't just run away to die because Aragorn 'rejected' her. She was the only one who could kill the Witch King of Angmar. She was deeply in love with Faramir. She didn't abandon her people at Dunharrow, she went into to battle to try and save them because she felt she was more useful there than sitting around waiting to die. She's better than Arwen because she has an actual part in the story. Not just to sit around and look pretty and eventually marry Aragorn.
3. Why is Orlando Bloom so humpable? Because he's charming, beautiful, British, nice hands, and pretty eyes.
4. Why should we not hate Barbie? Because she's a toy. She allows children to work with their imagination. Hours of fun can come from playing with Barbie and friends. Besides, who can honestly hate the toy that helped them along with their sex education? And another thing, what the funk is it with people getting all pissy about the whole body image thing? I never thought or wanted to look like Barbie. If you really think about it it's rather ridiculous. Just look at her shape. She's all square-ish. =p
5. Why is dressing up so much fun? Because who wouldn't want to pretend to be someone else for just a little while?

Winners-Aimee most accurate
Becky-Most creative
Heather-Second for both!

To collect prizes see moi or contact me via internet ways: email, MSN, AIM.
A special thanks to all three entries. You guys rock!

Any who, there will be more contests! Fear not folks!
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