Stephanie J. Nelson (indispoptart) wrote in goddess_steph,
Stephanie J. Nelson

Contest results

It's about time, eh? Any who here they are . . .

Jackie's total 18/30

Aimee got 24/30

Becky's total 25/30 And kudos to Becky for knowing it was Fanny Brice!

So yeah, Becky wins . . . But only by a little. =p


Roll yer own with Antic's Sims-ulator!
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Haha! Haha! I laugh at all of you! One day when I am queen, you all shall be my slaves. But seriously, which five did I miss?
1: "How the hell would I know how to ride a horse? I've been at sea since I was one."Damnit...I don't know.

That's two points there, correct answer beinf Fredderick from the Pirate Movie

9: "I can Der-e-lick my own balls." Zoolander(...Hansel?)

You missed one point there, the correct answer is Derek Zoolander

10: "Don't be talking about the shit bucket in front of strangers!" Damnit again..

And two more points here.

You may be queen someday, but I will always be the Goddess. =p
Goddess, Queen, whatever. We both shall rule!
Bow to us!
I pass on the bowing, I will just dance around you guys